Salvare Roma per salvare il sogno europeo

Martin Wolf, editorialista del Financial Times, sostiene (sul numero del 15 novembre) che è necessario salvare Roma per non fare affonfdare il sogno europeo. E la prende veramente alla lontana.

Europe must not allow Rome to burn –

What is at stake today is not only the stability of the European – perhaps the world’s – economy, but the survival of the most successful – and certainly most civilised – effort to unite Europe since the fall of the western Roman empire 1,535 years ago. As Walter Scheidel of Stanford University notes in a fascinating essay: “Two thousand years ago, perhaps half of the entire species had come under the control of just two powers, the Roman and Han empires.”* Both collapsed. But the Chinese empire was repeatedly restored and enlarged, while the Roman empire divided irretrievably. Yet the dream of reunification never died. It was apparent in the claims of popes and “holy Roman emperors”. It was carried by Napoleon’s eagles. It is the aspiration embedded in the European Union.

Caduta di Roma


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