I manager a lezione di programmazione

Il Financial Times del 28 marzo 2012 racconta di un’iniziativa di formazione continua inconsueta: i top executive della City londinese vanno a lezione di programmazione per capire meglio la tecnologia, come un tempo erano invitati ad apprendere una seconda lingua.

A lezione di programmazione


Qui il link all’articolo: Coding as a second language – FT.com.

Alliott Cole sees a large number of tech start-ups in his work as principal in the early-stage investment team of private equity firm Octopus. The trouble is that he often struggles to comprehend what those writing the software that underpins those companies are talking about.

“For several years I have worked hard to understand how new infrastructure, products and applications work together to disrupt markets,” he says, explaining why he recently decided to take a course that claims to be able to teach even the most IT-illiterate person how to create a software application, or app, in just a day.

“While [I am] conversant in many of the trends and the – often confusing – array of terminology, it troubled me that I remained an observant passenger rather than an active driver, particularly in the realms of computer programming.”

Mr Cole is not alone, which is why eight executives and I are sitting in a penthouse apartment perch­ed on top of a 1930s office block in London’s trendy Clerkenwell having our turn on the same course.

The programme is run by Decoded, a training business created by three former advertising executives – Steve Henry, Kathryn Parsons and Richard Peters – and Alasdair Blackwell, an award-winning web designer and developer.

They appear to have tapped into a widely felt, but rarely discussed, problem. Tech talk is increasingly commonplace in business and life. Many of us rely on smartphones and the web for work, but most people, including senior executives, find the language used by software engineers, social media professionals and the “digital natives” for whom modern technology is intuitive, baffling.


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