A complemento del mio: Perché depilarsi il pube non è una buona idea (https://borislimpopo.com/2012/08/10/perch-depilarsi-il-pube-non-una-buona-idea-2/)

Dr. Jen Gunter

A divorced friend of mine who recently started dating was shocked to find that the complete absence of female pubic hair seemed to be an expectation among her potential partners. I’m not surprised, when I was in the dating pool a couple of years back there were men who actually listed full clamscaping required among the personal attributes they were seeking in a girlfriend (and here I was looking for heady conversation and heated debates!).

Wanting more information on the subject she, of course, turned to her gynecologist friend who specializes in vulvovaginal disorders. This is what I told her. 

Pubic hair is normal and, like every other body part/appendage/function, serves a biological purpose.  For example, when sweat evaporates it cools our body, eyebrows keep sweat out of our eyes, and orgasms make us want to have more sex so we perpetuate the species. We are a grand work of…

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