46 regole per diventare un genio [1]

Le propone Marty Neumeier sul suo blog su liquidagency.com, una alla settimana.

Mi pare un gioco divertente e ve le riproporrò.

La prima regola è:

Non rispettate le regole

Abbastanza prevedibile, ma in inglese c’è sotto anche un gioco di parole, ben illustrato dal disegno

Break the rules


Chi è Marty Neumeier? Non lo sapevo neppure io, finché non ho letto questa auto-presentazione:

Marty Neumeier is Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency, a firm that spurs strategic innovation, builds charismatic brands, and transforms organizational culture.
Neumeier began his career as a designer, but soon added writing and strategy to his repertoire, working variously as an identity designer, art director, copywriter, journalist, package designer, magazine publisher, and brand consultant. By the mid-1990s he had developed hundreds of brand icons, retail packages, and other communications for companies such as Apple, Adobe, Netscape, Kodak, and HP.
In 1996 he launched CRITIQUE, the magazine of design thinking, which quickly became the leading forum for improving design effectiveness through critical analysis. In editing CRITIQUE, Neumeier joined the growing conversation about bridging the gap between business strategy and customer experience.
Neutron merged with Liquid Agency in 2009, creating a new firm that offers “inside-out” brand transformation services that include culture-change roadmaps and comprehensive brand marketing programs resulting in significant improvements in a company’s ability to compete and grow through nonstop innovation. Liquid is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, where innovation is a way of life.
Neumeier divides his time at Liquid among three activities—shaping client engagements, writing books and articles on business and design, and giving workshops on innovation.

Insomma un guru, anche un po’ presuntuoso e probabilmente antipatico. Il testo qui sopra è pieno di fuffa, ma il vertice mi pare: «joined the growing conversation about bridging the gap between business strategy and customer experience»).