Jonathan Ive, il designer della Apple

Il Financial Times del 9 marzo 2012 ha dedicato un articolo di April Dembosky a Jonathan Ive, vice-presidente della Apple e responsabile del suo (fantastico) design industriale.

Apple’s invisible aesthete emerging from Jobs’ shadow –

The value of an iPhone or an iPad is not the object itself, despite the price tag. The value is the information held within it: the photos, the friend updates, the news articles, all accessible with the swipe of a finger. The object itself is designed with that in mind: sleek, smooth, and above all simple, so that what’s inside defines the experience.

The device’s architect is much like that himself: introverted and, to the vast majority of people who carry one of his creations, all but invisible. But inside Apple’s tightly guarded design studios, Jonathan Ive is complex and powerful, much like the inner workings of an iPhone.

Jonathan Ive / Cummings

Ive è anche uno dei protagonisti di Objectified, un documentario di Gary Hustwit, presentato nel marzo del 2009 al festival del cinema di South by Southwest (SxSW per gli amici).

Qui potete vedere la parte dedicata ad Ive: