Ian McEwan – Sweet Tooth – Recensioni

  1. La prossima potete saltarla, se volete.
  2. «Sometimes he seems interested in using the relationship between spy and
    author as a metaphor for the intricate dance of concealment and trust
    that goes on between a reader and a writer. Like Henry Perowne in Saturday,
    Serena strongly dislikes novels that play games with their readers –
    “no tricksy haggling over the limits of their art”, she declares; “no
    showing disloyalty to the reader by appearing to cross and recross in
    disguise the borders of the imaginary” – so there’s an elaborate joke at
    her expense (but to what end?) as she finds herself at the heart of
    just such a novel.»
  3. «A novel about espionage and fiction that traces the overt and covert
    connections between secrecy, deception and creativity, Sweet Tooth
    expertly navigates the gulf between perception and reality. Its feints
    and ruses prompt the thought that “all novels are spy novels”. For all
    its critique of state-supported subterfuge, McEwan muses that “The end
    of secrecy would be the end of the novel – especially the English novel.
    The English novel requires social secrecy, personal secrecy.”»


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