Monti is not the right man to lead Italy –

Il Financial Times ha pubblicato ieri (20 gennaio 2013) un articolo del suo editorialista Wolfgang Münchau che ricorda molto la famosa presa di posizione di The Economist su Silvio Berlusconi nell’aprile del 2001 (Fit to run Italy?).

Monti is not the right man to lead Italy -

Al di là del “caso Monti”, quello di Wolfgang Münchau è un articolo amaro e pessimista sul nostro futuro. Merita di essere letto e meditato.

Monti is not the right man to lead Italy –

Like the other countries on the eurozone’s southern rim, Italy faces three options. The first is to stay in the euro and take on alone the burden of full adjustment. By this I mean both economic adjustment, in terms of unit labour costs and inflation; and fiscal adjustment. The second is to stay in the eurozone, contingent on shared adjustment between creditor and debtor nations. The third is to leave the euro. Successive Italian governments have tried a fourth option – stay in the euro, focus on short-term fiscal adjustment only and wait.

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