Ma siamo sicuri che sia una buona idea?

Quella di comprare debito pubblico italiano per sconfiggere la speculazione.

Io continuo a pensare di no (a parte il dettaglio della capacità di risparmio in calo da un decennio).

Non ci sono speculatori cattivi e italiani virtuosi e patrioti. C’è l’incapacità di crescere e produrre ricchezza.

Fate of Euro May Hinge on Italian Savers –

Even though Europe’s debt crisis has turned Rome into financial ground zero, Italy has been able to lean on at least one solid support: the relatively large amount of government debt held by Italians themselves.

Nearly 57 percent of Italian debt is held by Italian banks, insurance companies and individuals. Those holdings have helped slow the flight of capital from Italy, even as foreign investors have been withdrawing their money from the country to park in safe havens like German, Swiss, American or Japanese government bonds.

But financial officials have become jittery about the possibility that Italians may stop buying this debt, and instead become more like Greeks and send their hard-earned savings abroad.

If that were to happen, it would greatly raise the odds that Italy, the third-largest economy that uses the euro currency, would be forced to seek a bailout — a move that could risk the future of the entire euro zone.

Hoping to stave off that calamity, the country’s banking industry and some prominent businessmen have banded together to sponsor a “buy Italian bonds day” next Monday, in which individual Italians who buy government bonds will be able to do so without paying commissions.


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