Il Financial Times pubblica la classifica dei ministri economici dell’Unione europea

Il Financial Times pubblica (per il sesto anno) la classifica dei ministri dell’economia e delle finanze delle maggiori economie dell’Unione europea.

Naturalmente, per l’Italia c’è ancora Tremonti, che arriva penultimo.

La classifica dei ministri economici

Qui sotto trovate una sintesi dei criteri di giudizio.

FT ranking of EU finance ministers: Striker amid stumblers –

The FT’s ranking of European finance ministers 2011 is based on political ability, economic performance and credibility in the markets. In each category, the 19 biggest European Union economies and their finance ministers received a ranking from one – the best – to 19. These were combined to give an overall rank.

The political aspect is based on the opinions of seven leading economists who judged the ministers on three criteria: their lucidity, or how well they understood events; their impact on the European stage; and their effectiveness at home.

The economic ranking was modified this year to reflect changes in the demands on finance ministers and their economic stewardship. It was based on seven performance measures: recovery in terms of gross domestic product compared with the pre-crisis peak; growth this year; deficit levels and the change since 2009; debt levels; projected change in unemployment from 2008 to 2013; and, finally, deviation of the country’s current account from balance.

Market credibility is judged by the current yield on outstanding 10-year bonds, as well as an assessment of how this yield has changed.


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